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One of the best diving destinations in the world, Big Brother and the Little Brother – are two small isolated islands that rise out of the deep water in the middle of the sea some 60 km from the coast.

Little Brother The walls drop into deep water and are covered with sponges, anemones and all sorts of soft coral in a variety of colors and shapes. Marine life is prolific and it’s usual to encounter sharks in the blue: Hammerheads, the rare Thresher Shark, Silvertip and oceanic White Tips can be seen. On the reef expect to see Grey reefs and White tips.

About one km north of Little Brother is the Big Brother it’s walls are teeming with life. The wreck of the “NUMIDIA” lies on the reef at the northern side of the island between 10 and 80m. This 150m long ship sunk 100 years ago and is now completely covered with both hard and soft corals and gorgonias. Sometimes can be difficult to dive due to the exposed position.

At the NW side of the island you will find another wreck: the “AIDA”. This 82 m long steam ship sunk 1957. The remaining pieces of the wreck are scattered all over the reef and just a small section of the hull can be found between 30 and 60 m. It is nicely overgrown and worth to visit. Because of strong current and possibly high waves it is not easy to dive at the Brothers.


Daedalus This isolated reef, also know as Abu el-Kizan, lies in the open sea almost halfway to Saudi Arabia, and is washed with strong currents. Marked by its famous lighthouse, Daedalus is home to a myriad of fish and coral species. Remember to look out into the blue as pelagics are fairly common here including schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks, the elusive thresher shark and manta rays. The reef itself is only 800m across, but its stunning reef walls plummet down to 70m or more. The deep wreck of the Zealot is only for advanced trimix divers.

Elphinstone, a truly legendary reef, is one of the most beautiful reefs in the red sea, with its north and south plateau’s, and its walls covered in soft corals, black corals, wire corals and gorgonias. Hammerheads, Oceanic White Tip Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks can also be spotted here on a regular basis.

Departing Port Galeb, Marsa Alam.

Minimum 50 logged dives and Advanced O/W

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