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Daedalus – Fury Shoals

Daedalus This isolated reef, also known as Abu el-Kizan, lies in the open sea almost halfway to Saudi Arabia, and is washed with strong currents. Marked by its famous lighthouse, Daedalus is home to a myriad of fish and coral species. Remember to look out into the blue as pelagics are fairly common here including schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks, the elusive thresher shark and manta rays. The reef itself is only 800m across, but its stunning reef walls plummet down to 70m or more. The deep wreck of the Zealot is only for advanced trimix divers.

Fury Shoal has plenty of diversity,made up from 27 offshore reefs it has coral gardens, dramatic drop-offs and wrecks. Some of the sites include Sha’ab Claude an underwater playground with it’s grottos, swim throughs and caverns. The tug boat wreck at Abu Galawa is encrusted with beautiful hard and soft corals and inhabited with glassfish, this wreck is also excellent for a night dive. You will have a chance to see dolphins at Sataya and Sha’ab Maksour offers superb diving on both it’s north and south plateaus.

Wadi Gimal Island is a small island, fringed by coral reefs with sea-grass beds and mangroves. Home to some beautiful hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life as well as an important location for birdlife.