Marine Sports Club- Hurghada-Red Sea-Egypt
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Egyptian pound, US dollar or Euro


Arabic and English


Non-Egyptian visitors arriving in Egypt are required to be in possession of a minimum 6 months valid passport. A blank pages is needed for tourist visa.


Maximum 30 days for tourists. Included in packages. Travellers from Non European countries must have a visa before they arrive in Egypt.


Please make sure you have full travel and medical cover to travel to Egypt.
Remember you are traveling so be prepared for all possible problems. It’s no fun to have to pay for medical help, lost passports, baggage, or missed flights home.


If you are traveling on a liveaboard, keep in mind that you will need to take all necessary medicine with you. Ie: against sea sickness or colds. No particular vaccinations are required to enter Egypt and the Red Sea Riviera. Standard vaccinations against tetanus, polio, diphtheria and hepatitis A and B are recommended.


Headache tablets, nose spray (one that will not dry out the nasal membrane) and sea/ motion sickness tablets are all useful to have. Remember not to drink water.We have water dispensers on board as well as bottled water.botteled water is limited to not accumulate exessive plastic waste on board.therefore ir is wise to bring own water bottle(sport bottles) or mark few plastic bottles with a marker and refill from the dispenser.

Recompression chambers

Available in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, El Gouna and Marsa Alam and Hamata…..Please make sure you have insurance cover for your trip.

National Parks

Most of the Red Sea Riviera is a National Park, or belongs to some protectorate, both under water and on land. Desert and marine life are

protected by a number of laws, and visitors not abiding to the regulations may be subjected to heavy fines.

Mobile Phones

Mobile coverage is good throughout the Red Sea region. There are areas on liveaboard offshore and very deep south where you will not get a signal.


Connections are available on board with 3/4 G wifi modem..coverage permitting.